Value of A/B Testing


Background: We wanted to improve click-through on the Add To Cart Button

Test 1: Color: Changing Add to Cart button color

Research: Researching best in clasee E-commerce sites we identified 3 additional colors (shades of green, orange & yellow) to rotate and determine which would result in a higher CTR.

Hypothesis: Our initial add to cart button color is the same blue as our hyperlinks on the page. By changing the color to Green or Orange it will pop more and lead to a higher CTR. However we believe that green, has a connotation with GO and that will beat out Orange.

Results:  Surprisingly, we found that the orange button out performed all the other colors. It appears the stark contrast to the dark colors of site allowed it to be more prominent driving users attention to the button. 

Test 2: Copy:  Add to Cart Call to action

Research: We researched various E-commerce sites calls to action. The goals was to create greater immediacy and intent to buy. 

Copy selection

Control: ADD TO CART
Var 2: BUY NOW

Hypothesis: A demonstrative call to action should lead to higher ctrs.  "BUY NOW" should be the winner because its clear to understand and has the immediacy factor.

Results: Surprisingly we discovered that while the other two call to action performed better than the control,  "GET IT NOW" was the clear winner. We believe this one performed well due to the high user group from the millennial generation. The language is more colloquial.

A/B Testing