I grew up in the Bay Area and call San Francisco my home. I love food and enjoy discovering new places to eat and drink. I have a passion for technology and innovation.


As a product manager/marketer I am focused on developing new product concepts, driving growth and providing superior customer experience. I leverage my experience as an entrepreneur, business strategist and technology enthusiast to generate innovative ideas. 

Career highlights include:

SOL REPUBLIC: Key player in the rapid growth of the company; launched more than 15 products in less than 3 years.

TopDish: Developed an innovative app blending technology and food for the urban consumer.

Google:  4-year career working across multiple divisions to grow the mobile product, build partnerships and develop accounts; generated upwards of $17M in new business revenue.

SPECIALITIES: Business Intelligence • GTM Strategies • Business Solutions • Portfolio Management • Risk Management • Budget Management • Quality & Process Improvement • Customer Management • Project Management • Stakeholder Management • Agile Methodologies • Mobile Growth • New Technology • Product Lifecycle Management • UX • Social Media Strategies