With the recent announcement Twitter's tweets are now appearing in Google search it's time to think about how to leverage Twitter to increase awareness and drive engagement.

What makes Twitter different from other platforms is the 140 character limit and that content is in real time. That means tweets need to be a mix of planned and unplanned to capture those key moments. Below are a few strategies on how your company can take advantage of the Twitter platform.

Engage Your Audience:

Running a simple Retweet to win contests can help amplify the reach of your brand and also create great engagement with your existing users.


Be Relevant

During the 2013 Superbowl, the power went out in the stadium for several minutes. Oreo took advantage with this gem of a tweet that resulted in over 13K retweets and every media outlet talking about it. 

Find your voice: Although DjGiorno has no association to musicals, DiGiorno inserted themselves into the conversation when they lived tweeted during NBCs premier of Sound of Music Live with hilarious tweets like the one below. It went viral and was huge success.


Take Tweets Offline

Tweets can also be used for engaging fans offline. Evian had fans tweet on a hot day in NY to get a bottle delivered to them. Get creative and find your own offline connection.

Retain Customers

With 1:1 personalization a company can connect with a customer and show their appreciation or troubleshoot a problem. Make sure to track mentions of your company both good and bad and reach out.

Nike has set up a separate Twitter account to address support issues. While this is not necessary, the immediate response and approachability to customer's tweets will help to build a loyal fan community.



Find new customers:

Set up search queries for potential customers. For instance Zzzquil targets users who can't sleep. You can run your own searches and find opportunities to capture users frustrated with your competitor products. Be sure to not be intrusive or too salesy.



Make content discoverable and trackable

Adding hashtags can have two key benefits. 

1. Relevant and trending hashtags can make your content discoverable. You want to be selective with hashtags due to the character limit. Check Twitter trends to see if any relevant hashtags can be applied.

twitter trends


2. Using a unique campaign hashtag can also be a way to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. There are both freemium and paid options such as topsy.com but hopefully Twitter analytics will eventually offer this tool as well.


  • Plan ahead for relevant events/holidays and keep up to date with trends to insert your brand into conversation when possible
  • Develop marketing activations to increase your brand reach and engage your fans
  • Use twitter as tool to find new customers and retain your existing ones
  • Make sure to keep testing ad copy, creative and use the Twitter analytics dashboard and third part tools to track hashtag mentions to measure and improve your campaigns.