An innovative app blending technology and food for the urban consumer

Dates: 2010-2011

Role: Co-Founder & CEO

ProblemFinding the right places to go and foods to eat can be overwhelming due to the amount of resources and reviews found online. Furthermore, many services are often missing key information about foods such as dietary and lifestyle information, nutritional values, and preparation

Out Methodology

Our dish-centric, data-driven approach offered a better way for diners to find the right dish at the right time. Using our comprehensive tagging system, one could find foods by distance, price, meal type and cuisine. This system could also be used to browse dishes by lifestyle such as vegetarian or by dietary restrictions such as gluten free. 

Our vision

Simplify how urban diners find and experience new foods by enabling them to browse best dishes from hundreds of restaurants with ease. As our user base grows, we would be able to use our detailed information about dishes combined with a diner’s individual history to provide personalized recommendations. We also believe that restaurant owners and managers can use our specialized knowledge of dining trends to increase business and engage with customers. 

Content Creation

TopDish Community: Using the iPhone and Android app users could upload dishes from mobile apps and

Restaurant Partnerships: Worked closely with a selection of San Francisco restaurants to obtain accurate menus and high quality photos.  Partners included Brixton, EPIC Roasthouse, Delarosa, and Roam Artisan Burgers

Content Partners: Expanded partnerships with publishers who had dish related content and got access to database.